Songs for the loss

by Slumbersun

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released March 2, 2014



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Slumbersun Hungary

Slumbersun is a Hungarian band formed in 2011 with two members.
All music is written, produced and mastered by János Madura.
Vocals and lyrics: Betty Varga.
Illustrations by János Madura and Betty Varga

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Track Name: Anne
One day she will fade away with everyone's hopeless pray.
Life does mean no harm after all you draws our blood,
Fatality is never adequate, is never enough.
She knows a melody of the past.
She will never follow her death.
Dirty lies must be destroyed in Anne's eyes.
Track Name: Orison (demo)
Now I’ve woken to seek my loved ones
But find just shoreless distance
Close my eyes and pray for ice-cold winds…

Many days I cannot sleep
I have no tears to weep
How I wish you to take me home again.

Comets fly accross the sky
In this holy night
To see the Child for a while
In this holy night

Don’t be afraid, I’m here to stay
I’m not against you
All the sheperds feel the same

Angels sing…
What a gathering!
Until every hated can love again.
This is your home
You’ll be never alone
Tonight the Son of God was born.
Track Name: Ősz (demo)
Hadd legyen az idő végtelen űrben,
Hadd legyen a Nap heve örök éjben,
Hadd lépjen a homályba, ki eltűri,
Hadd nézzen rám csak az, ki megérti.

Remélni, vágyni, várni egy keserű gyászra,
Epedni némán elfásult szent magányunkra.

Hallod-e a rideg búbánat lantját,
Zenged-e az őszi lombok moraját,
Érzed-e régmúlt idők ősi poklát,
Vágyod-e képzeleted új halálát…

Remélni, vágyni, várni egy hamis világra,
Epedni némán elfásult szent magányodra.
Remélni, vágyni, várni egy hasztalan lángra,
Epedni némán elfásult szent magányodra.